Philips Shavers and Trimmers Review – What’s in Store for You

What’s more convenient than self-grooming with maximum ease and comfort, anytime, anyplace? Philips shavers and trimmers for men are the ultimate choices for such utility and advantage, especially, for those men who are always on the go. This brand is renowned for its remarkable designs and variety of trimmer and shaving guards to choose from. The uniqueness of Philips, therefore, lies in the fact that it is one-brand-fits-all for every man. Philips Norelco Shaver 3500 S3212/82 is the device that is among the top-picks by the brand itself, and the regular users. From casual uses of everyday grooming to the trendiest styles taken up by the top-notch stylists and friseurs, Philips remains the indispensable choice for all. Product’s Top Features Philips’ this device is uniquely designed to make sure that the users get the most authentic and revitalizing self-grooming experience. Some of the top features of the product include;
  • 5-dimensional pivot and flex heads – the 5D pivot, flex, and floating heads give a refreshing clean shave and even trimming that can lift your spirits with utmost satisfaction
  • Wet and Dry shaving – the device is best for both. It makes you groom yourself while being under the shower, with either gel or foam
  • The blades are designed with ComfortCut technology that makes them sharp yet adjustable and best for those smooth and sleek close shaves
  • 27 self-sharpening yet firm blades that ensure smooth shaving by perfectly gliding over the skin in a safest and smooth way
  • A pop-up trimmer is best for those sideburns that you are so concerned about maintaining. Also, your stubble and goatee will be treated well with this evenly working powerful trimmer
  • With 1 hour of charging, the device works continuously for 60 minutes i.e. 20 non-stop shaves
  • The lithium-Ion battery is powerful enough to work uninterrupted for an hour. It also gives a 5-minute quick charge for an instant trim at the eleventh hour
What’s New about this Product? Philips has introduced this model of Norelco shavers and trimmer which is among its top choices. Philips Norelco Shaver 3500 S3212/82, in other words, is the best device one can get their hands on for everyday use. Here are some of the device’s features that make it stand out among the rest;
  1. Stylish Rotary Heads
The shaver has three powerful rotary heads that are easy to pivot and ensure a smooth and even shave or trim. They are made with flexible and soft metal that is gentle on the skin yet powerful enough to shave the toughest of hair.
  • Essential Wet and Dry Functions
The device is fully waterproof and shower-proof. It can be safely used under running water. It also works best for dry shaving without foam or gel, or water, in case you are in a hurry for a quick evening outing.
  • Pop-Trimmer
The pop-up trimmer works with just a simple flip-up button. It gives you neat and effortless trimming for those sideburns, facial hair, and mustaches. The trimmer snaps down into place once you are done with the trimming.
  • Long-Running Time
The battery of the device works for continuous 60 minutes with an hour of charge. It is powered by one strong Lithium-Ion battery that can last for months. With this long-running battery, the device becomes well-trusted for unplanned travels and events. Product Details
  • Dimensions: 3.47 x 5 x 9.65 inches
  • Weight: 15.52 ounces
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium-Ion Battery
The device comes with a safe travel pouch that is convenient for traveling and safely storing the product. It is useful for long travels as it can be easily used as both wet and dry, with or without foam, gel, or water. Due to this, it becomes a conducive item for men with all types of facial and body hair. Philips Norelco Shaver 3500 is best-known for its performance and high-quality design that is carefully engineered to make your life easier with the smoothest shaving and spot-on even trimming. This device also has a rubber grip that is best for safe handling. Besides, it has 3 level battery indicators that guide you about battery usage. Overall, the product is meant to make your self-grooming hassle-free and spontaneous. It is highly recommended by experts and groomers.

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