Braun Electric Razors and Precision Shavers for Men Review

With an accomplished name like Braun, men have enjoyed playing with their looks with the advanced technology that this brand offers. Braun has remained among the top brands for shavers and trimmers due to its high-quality precision technology and unmatched performance rate. Thus, Braun’s electric razors and precision shavers for men have gathered a lot of prestige and attention for helping men to upkeep their looks. In particular, Braun’s Electric Razor and Precision Shavers Series 5 5018s is one of the top choices of the brand that they recommend for those who are enthused about updated looks and spot-on appearances. This product of Braun is a rechargeable, wet and dry foil shaver with EasyClean technology that self-cleans the device for next use. The product is specially designed to adjust to every facial contour with ease and does this job with 3 flexible blades for a close shave. It is also designed to self-clean the device for better hygiene. Also, the product is waterproof that can be used underwater without the danger of being damaged. Giving You a Trendy Look:           Braun’s Electric Razor and Precision Shavers Series 5 5018s is an item that is best for precision trimming of those sideburns that you want to keep upbeat with the changing trends. Or you can make neat and sharp edges of those whacky designs that you are bold enough o experiment with. The precision trimmer of this device is remarkable for mustaches and beards that are difficult to prime. The coarse hair types like the hard stubble sometimes become too difficult to handle. Similarly, frizzy or extremely curly hair also needs a lot of effort to tone it down. For such hair, this device is the finest and most suitable. Similarly, this product is perfect for the textured crop cut of the nineties that has come in vogue again. The trendy side-sweeps that give a fresh and updated look for men can also be achieved through this device. Another look that is modish today is the undercut quiff that is complemented by various hair colors and streaks. This look is easily achieved through Braun’s Series 5 5018s precision shavers and trimmers. Not just that, but this device is extraordinary in creating a buzz-cut look for hair and beard alike. The neat and whetted cuts and lines over the head and cheeks can be attained through the precision technology of this shaver. Product Specifications:
  • Dimensions: 5.39 x 2.64 x 9.92 inches
  • Weight: 0.63 pounds
  • Blade material: Stainless steel
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium-Ion battery
  • Quick charge: 5 minutes quick charge
Accessories Included: This product is accompanied by the following items:
  • Precision trimmer attachment
  • 1 Series 5 electric razor
  • Protective cap
  • Smart plug for automatic 100-240 voltage adjustment
  • Cleaning brush
In case you want to experience the most smooth and precise result for your daily grooming, Braun’s Electric Razor and Precision Shavers Series 5 5018s is the ultimate product for you. Men who are always on-the-go in their busy lives always prefer Braun as a brand that caters to their needs of self-grooming with absolutely no hassle. What’s Special about the Product?
  • The Series 5 shaver adapts to all types of facial contours with 3 flexible blades that are sharp yet precise in results
  • The product is upgraded with a beard trimmer attachment that is best for beard styles from 0.5mm to 7mm
  • With an aligning grip, the device is convenient in handling an easy and one-way movement
  • It is made with EasyClick technology that helps in self-cleaning
  • The device is 100% waterproof that can be used for both wet and dry use i.e. with foam, get, and in the shower
  • The item works with Lithium-Ion batteries that are powerful and long-lasting for detailed grooming. It also works with a 5-minute quick charge for urgent trimming
Braun’s Electric Razor and Precision Shavers Series 5 5018s are designed with German technology that is known for its quality and high-performance that is matchless across the world. The brand has always kept its word in making its users happy and satisfied with its products. Keeping in mind the benefits and high-quality of the Braun products, men prefer to keep it as an essential item in their daily use and self-grooming. Hence, Braun is trusted and preferred by people for all their grooming needs.

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